I had lots of jobs when I was in China: driver, cashier, accountant, business operator, psychology consultant; I worked in finance and human resources. I had majored in Finance and Business Management in university… A few years later, I studied Psychology and got a certificate to become a consultant. But I found none of these can compare with the Bible. I used two books in my consultant cases and  to my surprise, I found they were both written by pastors. I also saw His healing power through the changes in my mother’s life; she has been a Christian for many years. When I began my Foundations For Living classes, I began to experience changes in myself too. Thank you for writing such amazing books! I thought I finally found the meaning of my life. If it is God’s will, I would like to devote myself to translating Christian books into Chinese and introducing them into China. —Jenny (Jenny Jin is the editor and translator for the Chinese FFL Discipleship Manuals.)

The Foundations for Living Discipleship Series is working extremely well for us. We have just begun and already we have over 30 participants, and the numbers are still growing. There are many things that I personally love about this ministry. What I like most is that it is lay driven and integrates both evangelism and spiritual formation. So it’s great for seekers, new believers, or anyone who has never been a part of a systematic discipleship process. The lay leadership of this ministry in our church is doing a superb job and together we are hopeful for a great harvest of changed lives for God’s Kingdom. —Marian, Victoria, BC

The recent publications of Foundations for Living Discipleship Series are the most practical resource materials for new and growing believers that I have come across in some 40 years of teaching Christian discovery classes and neighborhood Bible studies. The four books in this graded series are full of valuable insights with easy-to-understand comments and questions designed for developing intentional disciples with a solid commitment to Christ. Hank

This week I spoke in three different cities, three days in a row—all breakfasts—I was exhausted! I think this makes it the eleventh time I had given my message. I have two more to go. As I write this, it is like I’m writing about someone else. Never in a million years would I have believed it. God keeps me standing and delivering. But the real miracle to me is still how God healed me through forgiveness. Had I not taken your class and been challenged in this area, I may never have found this freedom. So, thank you again for providing the tools that God used to reach me. What a privilege it is to pass it on! … May God bless you as you continue to find ways to help people with their connection to God. —Carol, Surrey, BC

I have been deeply involved with the translation of this course, especially with spellchecking it. Through the process of working with it I have come to greatly appreciate the Foundations for Living Discipleship Series. In my opinion, this is by far the best discipleship material with practical teaching techniques that I have ever seen, especially for our people in Bolivia. What I appreciate so much is the method being used for getting the students involved and the practical application of every lesson being studied. My recommendation to our team would be that we select some key people and teach them how to train others to make disciples by using this series of courses. —John, Bolivia

I am happy to say that we are on the last book [of the series], This is My Wholeness. I get tremendous feedback on how the Lord used this Foundations for Living Discipleship Series to make their Christian life worthwhile and make them mature. The Lord had revealed to me to begin FFL teaching in the youth ministry. I talked to one of my students and she responded to God’s calling for her to teach FFL to the young people. I had the chance to observe the group and I am happy to see that the Lord is working. The approach is good and it is designed to fit the needs of the youth. The group is growing and we continue to pray that these young people will commit their lives to Jesus to begin to make disciples. We also introduced FFL to our church outreach. My husband was able to use the Discipleship Series as his Bible study material. —Celia, Philippines

It seems longer than 5 years since I became a Christian because the memories of that wonderful day are still fresh in my heart. After that special day, my thirst for a closer relationship and understanding of God became very important. Our church has adult Sunday school and it’s called Foundations for Living Discipleship Series. Each of the seven different classes made me delve into Scripture to find answers to the questions of each lesson. God’s Word, His truth, and His love for me have really come alive and given me a strong foundation on which to build my faith. These classes have become my “foundation for living”. —Larry, Richmond, BC