Foundations for Living ministers locally (in Canada) and in many countries around the world. From our office in Langley, BC, we are constantly promoting the use of our Discipleship Series in churches through our website, through special events like Missions Fest, and through training seminars held throughout the year. We have annual fundraising events such as our Spring Banquet and the Christmas Breakfast which are also platforms for spreading awareness of our various missions projects. 

Our mission is clear and focused on discipleship. In all our ministry “across the street,” we seek to:

  • train and equip North American pastors and lay leaders with training and tools to develop a discipleship ministry in their church.
  • enable disciples to become disciple makers who in turn develop more disciple makers.
  • provide a platform for believers to share their faith with others.
  • give an opportunity to break free from addictions and other enslaving habits such as anger and unforgiveness.
  • lead those who want to explore the Christian faith to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • empower new as well as mature believers to grow through personal application of Biblical truth.

Meanwhile, around the world…