Experience the thrill of making disciples for Jesus.

The art of making disciples has been all but lost in many of our churches today. Is it any wonder the Church is struggling to survive in this post-modern world?

The Foundations for Living Discipleship Series is designed to help empower the church to make disciples of all nations as mandated by our Lord in the Great Commission.

This discipleship series makes it possible for everybody in church to get involved in the ministry of multiplication. It also helps seekers who want to explore the Christian faith, new believers who want to grow in their relationship with God, as well as mature Christians who desire to reproduce the life of Christ in others. And this is what discipleship is all about: life transformation.

What makes the Foundations for Living Discipleship Series an effective tool for discipleship ministry?

Simplicity  For the Church to become involved in evangelism and discipleship, the vocabulary and terminology must be understood. Deep theological concepts are explained in words the average church member can understand.

Transferability  The leader is trained to lead, not teach. The motto of  every leader is: “Teach by asking. Learn by searching. Grow by obeying.” This method of leadership makes the study transferable. The student is encouraged to follow this example when he or she has the opportunity to lead a class.

Emphasis on Application  Unless a truth discovered is translated into action, it has not been learned. In each lesson the student is encouraged to apply the truths learned in order to effect spiritual change.

Energizing the Church  The simplicity of the course and the method of leadership makes this an excellent opportunity to get maximum participation from the average church member. There is excitement and a sense of adventure and discovery as .

The Leader’s Manual This makes it possible for “non professionals” to be involved in the discipleship ministry. The manual is identical to the student’s manual except for helps and extra questions interspersed among the questions, and suggested answers in the back.

A Graded Series  The author has undertaken to lay out this series in order of difficulty, beginning with the easier understood course and progressing to more difficult theological concepts.

Transformed Lives  In any discipleship course, the objective is always to effect positive spiritual change in the participant’s life. The Foundations for Living Discipleship Series is designed to empower the disciple to live as Christ lived and to replicate this life in others by providing a safe small group environment for spiritual growth.