Cuba: Prison Discipleship

Since our training seminar in October 2018 where over 300 pastors and chaplains attended, the discipleship ministry has been spreading into many parts of Cuba, including its prisons. The following letter from Darryl Wright of Emblaze Ministries is encouraging: “I just received an email from Luisito, our Eastern Baptist worker Read more…

Southeast Asia: Six Translations

Translation of the Foundations For Living Discipleship Series into Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Laotian, Cambodian, and Burmese is well underway in Southeast Asia. Foundations for Living is contributing $133,000CDN to complete this project which is targeted for completion in early Fall 2019.
A team of four came from Thailand to take the Foundations for Living Training Seminar. Pastor Praphan Nawrat, (above, first on the left) is in charge of seeing that all six translations will be done by the target date.


Cuba 2018

The team of ten volunteers who went to serve with Foundations for Living in Cuba is back safely. We were all welcomed with open arms and hearts by a people rich in gratitude, faith, passion and vision to serve our gracious God. As you see from the picture, they fed us well in a church that had no side walls, only a roof. (more…)