Changed Lives



There was a time in my life, not long ago, in which I couldn’t bear to live with myself any longer. But, I was scared to die. The only relief I could manage to find was always at the bottom of the bottle or through a mind-altering drug. Addiction had left me defeated and broken with no hope for tomorrow.
After so many years in bondage, enough was enough. I mustered the little strength I still had to pray for a miracle. What I received was the miracle I needed.
Not too long after that day I started attending a church nearby. Soon after, I found Jesus and started attending the Foundations for Living classes.
I started to grow and develop a relationship with the Father. Now I know that I’m a citizen of the Kingdom of God. I now know a love like no other, a love that knows no boundaries. I’ve met friends that I now hold very close to my heart, friends who will support me through the thick and thin of life.
I still have my ups and my downs like everyone else. But it’s in those moments I can truly feel the loving embrace of God himself. Furthermore, I now have peace because I know tonight, as I lay myself down to sleep, the Lord now has my soul to keep.
Here’s one scripture that is now dear to my heart. “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be castaway.” (1 Corinthians 9:27)



Pastor Luisito Cobas of Santiago de Cuba province has been championing disciple-maker training using the Foundations for Living Discipleship Series in his ministry for several years now. The scope of his ministry extends well beyond his own church.

Pastor Luisito reports:
We use the Spanish FFL materials in our small groups. In the church that I pastor, we have 48 small groups doing discipleship. Right now, we are also using the materials in 18 churches and a theological center in the province of Santiago de Cuba, and in 12 churches in Guantanamo and Baracoa.
We have a wonderful testimony from a former evolutionist, a Biology teacher who is now an active disciple-maker. He was a strong believer in Darwin’s evolutionary teachings until he went through Book One, This Is My New Life. He no longer believes that we are products of evolution descended from apes, but rather, that we are created by God. He has since resigned from his job as a teacher and today, he is one of our small group leaders.
This has been very encouraging for me because my passion is making disciples for Jesus Christ. My vision for Foundations for Living is to take it to the whole nation. Today, Cuban churches, be they Pentecostal, Baptist, or Methodist, are doing a great job of evangelization. But looking closely, we found that their discipleship programs were very weak. Foundations for Living is filling this need now with a discipleship program that is simple but deep. This is why we want to take it to the whole nation of Cuba.

Jüngerschaft ist Transformation

Jüngerschaft findet am besten an einem sicheren Ort statt, an dem man nicht nur einen intellektuellen Diskurs führen kann, sondern auch aktiv in die Transformation des Lebens investiert wird. Unsere abgestufte Serie verwendet eine dreigliedrige Methode der Führung in kleinen Gruppen, die sich seit über zehn Jahren als erfolgreich erwiesen hat.
Unterricht durch Fragen

Unterricht durch Fragen

The art of asking significant questions can change the course of an individual's life. This method of teaching facilitates dialogue in the group.

Lernen durch Suchen

Lernen durch Suchen

Durch das Durchsuchen der Schriften wird die gesamte Philosophie auf Leben und Frömmigkeit ausgelegt.

Wachsen durch Befolgung

Wachsen durch Befolgung

Hier trifft der Gummi auf die Straße. Anwendung ist der Schlüssel, wenn wir nach Transformation suchen.

Grundlagen für das Leben im 21. Jahrhundert


Betrachten Sie sich als Jünger Jesu Christi? Foundations for Living hilft Ihnen dabei, ein Schüler zu werden, der andere Schüler macht. Wir haben Werkzeuge und Ressourcen für Evangelisation und Jüngerschaft entwickelt, um Sie zu trainieren, auszurüsten und zu schicken, damit Sie Ihren Teil in der Großen Kommission hier und jetzt im 21. Jahrhundert erfüllen.