The team of ten volunteers who went to serve with Foundations for Living in Cuba is back safely. We were all welcomed with open arms and hearts by a people rich in gratitude, faith, passion and vision to serve our gracious God. As you see from the picture, they fed us well in a church that had no side walls, only a roof.

Over 300 pastors, chaplains of prisons, and lay leaders gathered for the seminar which was presented over a space of three days. The eagerness with which they received the training and the materials was heart-warming.

When we arrived at the church there were stacks of about 25,000 discipleship books. The printer ran out of paper, so the remaining 40,000 books will be printed later. All the books were distributed to the different churches and chaplains by the time the conference closed.

We give thanks to Emblaze Ministries under the leadership of Darryl and Michele Wright who arranged the conference for us. They also hired two excellent interpreters.

Immediately after the seminar all those who enrolled in the seminar were given the opportunity to choose articles of clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, etc. that we brought with us in 14 large suitcases.

The praise must go to God for the growth of the discipleship ministry. Acts 4:12-13 reminds us that there is no other means by which we can become children of God than through Jesus, and that God uses ordinary men and women who reflect the image of Jesus to become fruitful disciple makers.


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