Larry D. Richmond BC

It seems longer than 5 years since I became a Christian because the memories of that wonderful day are still fresh in my heart. After that special day my thirst for a closer relationship and understanding of God became very important. Our church has adult Sunday school and it’s called Foundations for Living. Each of the seven different classes made me delve into Scripture to find answers to the questions of each lesson. God’s Word, His truth and His love for me have really come alive and given me a strong foundation on which to build my faith. These classes have become my Foundation for Living.

Rev. Don Kinnie (Pastor)

I have been involved in the leadership of the Alpha Course in our church for a number of years. One of our greatest concerns has been to find a series of follow-up materials for new believers that was seamless to what people had experienced at Alpha, while building them into strong disciples of Jesus Christ. We began using Foundations for Living and have found it to meet that need. It provides biblical teaching that builds strong believers, integrates the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the believer's day to day life, while encouraging personal evangelism. It is not sectarian, so I heartily commend it to all branches of the Christian Church.