About the Author

Dick J. Driedger has many years of experience in teaching and pastoral ministry, in both Canada and Europe. He received his Education, B.A. and B.Ed., from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and his theological education from the Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. He has specialized in developing and implementing evangelism and discipleship ministries for over 35 years, in the local church and in Europe with a mission organization. The graded series of manuals, known as Foundations For Living, has resulted in many individuals finding assurance of salvation with a high rate of retention of converts, as well as many Christians finding freedom and wholeness as they embrace the life of Jesus living in and through them. Along with this graded series of manuals, he has designed a strategy for the specific purpose of training the laity to become disciple-makers. This easily transferable concept of Bible learning, and application has proven very successful. He and his wife, Susan, have tested the Foundations For Living strategy and materials over many years of pastoral ministry. Older Christians have been renewed in spiritual vitality as they have participated in this evangelism and discipleship ministry.

Besides developing the Foundations For Living strategy and series of manuals Dick Driedger has authored studies on books of the Bible, namely: Joshua, Matthew, Hebrews, and Revelation.

Dick and his wife, Susan, live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. They have three married children and seven grandchildren.