Additional Studies

The following Bible book studies are available in an 8½X11” format :

JOSHUA - Facing the Battle to Possess the Promised Land
Using the Old Testament types to apply New Testament truths to face the daily battles of trials and temptations we face in our day to day living. Student manual $8.95, Leaders Guide: $10.95.

MATTHEW -Learning from Jesus How to Use Kingdom Principles to Interact with the World
A twenty-six week study in applying Kingdom of God principles in a world controlled by Satan and his forces of darkness. Student manual $12.95, Leaders Guide: $16.95.

HEBREWS -The Christian's perilous Journey of Faith with God's Promised Rewards in View
This is an exciting study demonstrating the rewards for faith and perseverance in the midst of trials and temptations in today's society. Student manual $8.95, Leaders Guide: $10.95.

REVELATION -Jesus, as he is Among Us Now and as He Will be Throughout Eternity.
The study will center around the person and work of Jesus Christ and future events to the end times as revealed to John by Jesus. The student will learn history's final chapter; the defeat of Satan and his forces, and the restoration of man to God, and nature to its former glory. Student manual $8.95, Leaders Guide: $10.95.

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