D. Busch

After I became a Christian, there was no follow up or discipleship and I slowly fell away from following Jesus. My wife applied for a divorce and I began to suffer a physical breakdown as well. I was like a lost person after becoming a Christian trying to figure out where I was going and how this Christian thing worked. I struggled for years and years. That is why I am so passionate about FFL. It gives new Christians the foundation and the tools to live a spirit filled life; to not only have their sins forgiven but to also be able to live the Christian life with joy and victory. It is noteworthy that Jesus didn’t say, “Go make converts, but go and make disciples.

D. Busch

S. Crnac

I was overjoyed when I discovered the FFL ministry. I had been in training with another Discipleship ministry for years but I wanted to actually get involved doing something. By default I became a table leader, disciple maker soon after my arrival. I loved it. It has been exciting to be part of a ministry where God is at work. God has also given me the gift of evangelism. Sharing the Good News in the market place is so rewarding. But I have more exciting news! I have a burden for my people in Serbia. This past year when I visited with the pastors in my homeland I shared with them this exciting ministry and they have opened the doors for me to begin this ministry in their churches. I plan to go for a 3 month period of time. God is opening the doors for me to actually DO the ministry of making disciples in a bigger context and FFL has given me the tools to be able to move forward.

S. Crnac

Marian G. Victoria, BC.

Foundations for Living is working extremely well for us. We have just begun and already we have over 30 participants and the numbers are still growing. There are many things that I personally love about this ministry. What I like most is that it is lay driven and integrates both evangelism and spiritual formation together. So it’s great for seekers, new believers or anyone who has never been a part of a systematic discipleship process. The lay leadership of this ministry in our church are doing a superb job and together we are hopeful for a great harvest of changed lives for God’s Kingdom.

Celia C. Philippines

I get tremendous feedback how the Lord used this Foundations for Living course to make their Christian life worthwhile and make them mature. The Lord had revealed to me to begin FFL teaching in the Youth Ministry. I talked to one of my students and she responded to God’s calling for her to teach FFL to the young people. I had the chance to observe the group and I am happy to see that the Lord is working. The approach is good and it is designed to fit the needs of the youth. The group is growing and we continue to pray that these young people will commit their lives to Jesus to begin to make disciples. We also introduced FFL to our church outreach. My husband was able to use FFL as his Bible study material.

Hope and Brian H. Costa Rica

I have just got to let you know how much God is moving in Los Guidos, where we have been giving the Foundations for Living book study for over a year. We have been having an attendance of 15 women since September and yesterday there were 17 women and 17 children. There was so much excitement and chatter during the study in This is My God that we could hardly hear each other. This is a great place to be.

John B. Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

I have been deeply involved with the translation of this course. Through the process of working with it I have come to greatly appreciate the Foundations for Living course. In my opinion this is by far the best discipleship material with practical teaching techniques that I have ever seen, especially for our people in Bolivia. What I appreciate so much is the method being used for getting the students involved and the practical application of every lesson being studied. My recommendation to our team would be that we select some key people and teach them how to train others to make disciple by using this series of courses.